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How to choose the warehouse to which you will send the goods?

Anyone who works with Oversize products knows that the difference in the quantity of warehouses that collect large items is small, and the difference in shipping costs between one warehouse and another can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Recently, I launched a new product, Oversize, which is stored in the external warehouse I work with, in California.

Every time I opened a shipping certificate, I received one option - to the warehouse in New York... exactly on the other side of the United States, with shipping costs of thousands of dollars.

No matter how many times I closed and reopened the shipping certificate, the warehouse choice remained in New York, and the costs were high.

I searched for various methods and alternatives and made several calls to Amazon support representatives until one of the sales representatives offered me to participate in a program called:

Premium Placement Program

In this program, which is relevant only to Oversize products, I choose the warehouse to which I want to send the goods, and the fee is between $0.5 to $1 per unit, depending on the product's weight.

After connecting the account to the program, I created a new shipping certificate, and guess what?

The total shipping cost, including the program usage fee, was $820 cheaper than the price I received before using the program.

A great gift for the holiday season!

Have a good week!


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