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How to systematically increase the number of reviews every week?

If I told you that with a 3-minute daily action every two days, you could increase your sales by 10% each month, would you believe me?

One of the most important things on Amazon, as you probably know, is the reviews on the product page.

The more reviews you have (social proof), the higher your sales will be - it's a fairly certain equation.

However, lately, I've found that many sellers don't use the most efficient and best tool that Amazon provides for free - the "Request a Review" button on the order page.

Laziness, lack of focus, and just forgetting about it - you name it.

Create a regular task in your calendar, once every two days, to request reviews from the last 15 orders received a week ago and onwards.

The results will come quickly, and the number of reviews will increase on a daily basis.

There are also several Chrome extensions that can help, but just a hot tip - don't use an automated solution that does this for you. Amazon doesn't like such tools, and it's better to do this manually.

Don't have the patience to do it yourself?

It's a classic task for a VA (Virtual Assistant)...


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