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How to Save Thousands of Dollars Annually Through Recurring Measurement?

Our tendency is to take many things for granted, and one of them is the fees charged by Amazon.

When a product is first received in Amazon's warehouses, it undergoes measurement. Amazon charges FBA Pick & Pack fees based on these measurements (not the dimensions you provided). The truth is that quite often (about 50% in my case), the products are measured incorrectly by Amazon. When I asked them to re-measure the products, Amazon updated the FBA costs and, in addition, reimbursed me retroactively for all sales that were made at the wrong price - after all, it's an American service.

This translates to hundreds and even thousands of dollars saved annually.

Of course, you need to consider that remeasuring your product may lead to a higher fee. However, these cases are extremely rare. Typically, Amazon tends to align with its own measurements rather than the seller's. But it is still a possibility.

To request a re-measurement for your product, open a case with Amazon Support and use the following text:


I would like you to please re-measure ASIN - XXXXXXXXXXX.

I believe that you have an issue with the dimensions and weight of this product.


Shortly after, Amazon will ask you to provide the ASIN and confirm the re-measurement. Within 2-5 days, you will receive an email with the updated measurement and any new fees if there was a change.

Enjoy the savings!


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