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How to create an action database

Here's a tip that you can also apply to your Amazon business, but it's valid for any private or business project, even if you call it 'One Solution a Day.'

Let's say your goal is to improve your product's search results on Amazon.

Set a reminder on your phone to automatically remind you once a day to find only one solution that will help your product advance in search results.

Manage the list in a Google Docs file so you can access and manage it from anywhere.

In the first week, regular and common solutions will be listed there, but after a week, the task will become more challenging, and the creative part of your brain will start working.

Within two weeks, you'll have a list of no less than 14 ways to improve your product's search results.

All that's left is to build a strategy and action plan around the list and start implementing it...

I've been doing this for a while in various areas of my business, with a new solution in a different area every two weeks, and it works like magic.

In school, we used to be given American exams, and we had to mark the correct answer to each question.

In real life and in the world of entrepreneurship, there is much more than one answer to each question...

Have a pleasant weekend!"


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