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How to Generate Tens of Thousands of Dollars in a Few Days?

Today, I invite you to lift your head from the day-to-day and think about the next opportunities from which you can make money on Amazon – and not just a little.

These opportunities are unique holiday products.

We are at a point in time where you can create unique products for several sales events in Q4, the last quarter of the year.


  • Halloween - Create costumes for kids, adults, pets, costume accessories, and spooky decorations, targeting specific audiences and customizing costume accessories.

  • Thanksgiving and Christmas greeting cards with special designs or text.

  • Products related to Christmas Day - tree decorations, storage bag for the tree, fireplace stockings, and more.

  • Inexpensive children's gift items that fit in stockings - look for keywords like "Stocking Stuffers."

Any product you create and launch correctly to make it stand out during those sales events can generate income of thousands or tens of thousands of dollars within a period of weeks or even just a few days.

How do you know what customers are looking for?

It's very simple; access "Brand Analytics," adjust the dates to the relevant time frame, and see which keywords were the most searched during that time last year and which products related to those keywords sold the most.

For example, try searching for "Halloween" within the dates October 1-31, 2020.

Have a great week!


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