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How to take advantage of the low dollar exchange rate?

The dollar exchange rate is at a 25-year low, and in most cases, this isn't good news for us, as much of our activity is conducted in dollars. The current situation means that if we convert dollars to shekels in order to cover our expenses (rent, mortgage, bills, etc.), we could potentially lose hundreds or thousands of shekels.

How can we still make the most of the situation?

Here's an excellent tip from the sharp mind of Yarden Rut. If you use Israeli shekels these days, you can increase your profit margin by about ten percent.

Take a loan in shekels from the bank to purchase goods in dollars, even in a larger quantity than you originally planned.

For example, let's say you place an order worth $50,000. If you use the dollars you earned from Amazon before this activity, the value in shekels would be approximately 165,000. If you use shekels and convert them into dollars today, the cost would be 155,000 NIS, which is 10,000 NIS less.

Be smart about it, and you can significantly increase your profit margin.

Have a great weekend!


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