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Amazon Posts

About a year and a half ago, Amazon introduced Amazon Posts, dipping its toes into the intriguing world of social media.

In essence, it's a kind of "Instagram feed" for your brand, where you can display images, text, and product links, and, quite surprisingly and rarely for Amazon - it's entirely free...

Are you harnessing the platform's true potential?

If the answer is yes, my Virtual Assistant (VA) is posting one post every two days, then the answer is wrong...

One of Amazon Posts' organic promotion metrics is Viewable Impressions, in simple words:

The number of times a customer paused for at least one second on 50% of the post.

In other words, if your image is captivating enough to make a customer pause scrolling for just one second, Amazon will significantly promote the post above other accounts.

By the way, it's just like Instagram's algorithm.

Pay attention to the next test I did to find out what types of images make my target audience stop scrolling.

In the attached image, you can see data from posts I've published for entirely new products and brands on Amazon.

I uploaded a variety of different posts, dark backgrounds, light backgrounds, text on an image, young people, older people, and more.

One post, the most recent one, received a significantly larger number of views, seven times more than the most successful post before it.

The reason is quite clear - it's an artistic image, not sales-oriented, with a dark background.

What do you need to do now?

It's quite simple - create and upload more images like the one that makes more customers stop scrolling for more than one second, and thus achieve the most successful organic traffic on Amazon to date.

Start exploring your posts, experiment, and find out what makes your target audience stop - and focus on that..."


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