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The "Day One" Strategy

For those who may not be familiar, the term most associated with Jeff Bezos is "Day One," even one of the buildings at Amazon's headquarters in Seattle is named this way.

But what lies behind this term?

The mindset that underlies "Day One" is to approach every day as if it were the first day, with the same enthusiasm and hunger, always seeking the best ways to tackle the challenges that lie ahead, to grow and to evolve.

Think about it, if you maintain the same level of curiosity and alertness as on the first day, you will be able to stay at that level of awareness and unity over time.

In a business like ours, which changes on a daily basis, and new competitors change your keywords almost every day, you must remain at a level of freshness, curiosity, and enthusiasm, just like on the first day.

So, whether you sold 2 units or 200 yesterday, treat every day as if it's the first day you're selling on Amazon, and think about what you can do today to make it the most successful day.

They say this Bezos guy understands a thing or two...

Have a great weekend!


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