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In every crisis, there is an opportunity

I'm sure most of you have experienced the recent product indexing issue in Amazon search results.

There are rumors that this might be another trick by Hamas...

I want to share with you how I turned this crisis into a great opportunity.

Like most sellers, on Thursday, I noticed that my products weren't showing up in the organic search results, only in sponsored listings. At the same time, I noticed that my direct competitors were also missing, and the first page was filled with relatively new products with very few reviews.

So, I did two things:

I acted quickly to get the indexing back using the old method that always works:

  • Deleted all Search Terms.

  • Waited for 20 seconds.

  • Entered only one main keyword in Search Terms.

  • Waited for 20 seconds.

The problem was resolved.

I increased my budget and PPC spending by 40% in the Single Keywords campaign targeting only my strongest keywords.

The result: a 25%-30% increase in sales in the past two days.

I assume that this issue, which is known to Amazon's support team, will be resolved in the next couple of days, and all products will return to the search results.

But remember and internalize a very important phrase in the world of entrepreneurship: "When it rains, everyone gets wet."

So, take this example as a case study for the next crisis and always try to think, "How can I leverage the issue/crisis for my benefit?"

Wishing you a happy and peaceful Shavuot!


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