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Things you see from there - you don't see from here

At the beginning of the week, I talked about the three heights of entrepreneurial business management:

50,000 feet

10,000 feet


Today, I want to talk about an ascent to 10,000 feet, mainly in theory but also in practice.

Once a week, on Saturday, I sit down with my accounting firm and look at various activities from above:

  • What's working well?

  • What's not working as well?

  • What has changed this week compared to last week?

  • What can I do this week to advance my activities?

  • How can I streamline my work?

This is an action that requires practice, but once you grasp the concept and succeed in rising to a higher level and looking at activities from above, you can discover a lot of insights.

For example, there are many daily tasks that you do that can easily be outsourced to a VA, or there may be automated tools that can handle them.

Or, for example, one of your products in your product portfolio has seen a significant increase in sales and exposure this week or has received a series of negative reviews in a row.

And many more details that you can only uncover when you raise your head from the keyboard and look at the big picture.

Now that you see the overall picture, it's time to sit in front of your calendar and schedule every task and action you've written in your notebook on the schedule, with a clear day and time.

For example, if you discover that you spend half an hour every day requesting customer reviews through Amazon, you can schedule an hour on Sunday in the calendar to find automated tools or record a video for your VA on how to do it.

Good luck!


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