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David vs. Goliath

In the past two years, a significant amount of money has flowed into the playing field of the online world of Amazon resellers. Many companies have entered this arena, purchasing Amazon accounts, optimizing them, and expanding their operations.

On one hand, it is seen as a welcome step that brings professionalism to the field. However, on the other hand, many Amazon sellers are concerned about this development for a simple reason: these companies, backed by investment funds and millions of dollars, may turn the competition into an unfair one, leading to the gradual extinction of the lone seller, the small entrepreneur.

Nevertheless, I actually see a significant advantage for small Amazon sellers in this development. Our flexibility as relatively small-scale sellers to make changes to our product listings is very high compared to giant companies. This means we can pivot quickly and modify elements of our listings on a daily basis, sometimes long before our larger competitors, who are managed by big corporations, realize what we've done and start implementing the changes themselves.

  • Changing the main image

  • Changing the target audience

  • Modifying the title with new keywords

  • Using precise slogans in advertising

  • and more

Additionally, large companies hire salaried employees. Regardless of their talent, at the end of the day, they are performance-driven, working according to numbers, data, and so on.

Therefore, one of the things you need to emphasize and develop today is creative thinking, creativity, thinking outside the box. This is ultimately what distinguishes a rowboat from an airplane."


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