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Returns Report

Amazon offers a variety of different reports that help us understand the behavior of our account and our various products. One of the most interesting reports that should be generated every two weeks is the Returns Report.

This report essentially teaches us the reasons behind why customers choose to return one of our products. As you probably already know, Americans are particular, and every piece of data there is super interesting to us.

What do we do with this information?

  1. We improve our product listing if there are several returns where the customer claims they didn't understand a specific detail about our product.

  2. We address any recurring issues mentioned in customer complaints on the product page and resolve them.

  3. We enhance the product images if there was an issue with clarity.

  4. We improve the product itself if there is a critical complaint.

  5. We reach out to the customer who returned the product and offer them a free replacement (turning it into a positive experience).

How to generate the report?

Reports - Fulfillment - FBA Customer Returns.

Good luck!


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