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Are You Investing Enough Thought in Packaging Design?

Product packaging design has long been considered one of the most important aspects of product development, with an entire art and science behind it. The goal is to make your product stand out on the crowded retail shelf, enticing customers to choose it and place it in their cart.

With the growth of e-commerce, especially in the USA, many major brands have started creating packaging specifically for online sales. These packages are often minimalistic in design, if any at all, as the customer has already purchased the product, and there's no need to impress them. This approach can also save on manufacturing costs and be environmentally friendly.

But what if packaging design could boost our sales?

Here's a trick to consider:

The main image is the most important image on the product detail page—often more critical than the product itself. What if through the packaging, which is prominently featured in the main image (if relevant to the category, of course), we could not only grab the customer's attention in search results but also convey one of our product's benefits to them?

In the attached image, you can see several search results for the keyword "Dandelion root tea." One of the products wanted to clearly convey to customers that the tea is also a Detox Tea, aiding in cleansing toxins, and more. They designed the packaging in a way that makes it impossible for any customer to miss the text. They also used Amazon's orange color associated with the Best Seller badge.

All of this is 100% within Amazon's Terms of Service, so it's entirely legal. In this case study, sales of the product jumped by 200% following the packaging change.

I believe that some of you will embark on new production after the Chinese New Year. Take the time to think about how you can use packaging as a tool to promote your product detail page.

Good luck!


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