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Recommendations for improving your advertising campaign system

Here's a valuable tip that might help you enhance your active campaign system.

Anyone who spends thousands of dollars a month on advertising knows that Amazon has a support team that occasionally reviews your account and provides recommendations.

In the past, I used to look at their recommendations and filter out about 70% of what they suggested because the recommendations were quite automatic and not very human. In other words, an AI system went through the account, analyzed data, and made suggestions, which, as you know, often weren't accurate for your product and usually led to high expenses and low ROI.

Recently, Amazon has improved its service, and a significant portion of their recommendations are actually quite good and have saved me a considerable amount of money while increasing the net profit.

It seems that the recommendations are finally coming from a true understanding of the product, the campaign's data history, and a high-level view of the entire market and competitors and how they advertise.

What did I discover somewhat by chance?

That the link leading to those recommendations works not only in my account but also in four different accounts that I tested. The link led to a valuable and insightful list of recommendations that helped me optimize some of the campaigns.

So, click on the link and check out the optimization recommendations in your account directly from Amazon's support experts.

[Link to Amazon Advertising Recommendations:]

I'd be interested to know if it worked for you or not.

Have a great week!


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