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Recommendations from Amazon for Improving Organic Exposure

For years, we've been hearing from various sources that it's advisable not to duplicate keywords in the bullet points and behind-the-scenes search terms for the claim that it can harm your visibility. In other words, if you've listed "Chef Knife" in your product title, it's best not to include the same term in the search terms behind the scenes.

Now, in the new tools Amazon has created and made available to brand owners, they explicitly point out the issues with the Search Terms field for each of your products, explaining how it can negatively affect your search results and even providing the rationale behind the request.

I won't go into details, but those interested can read the explanation on the relevant page under the title "What's the difference between bytes and characters?"

In any case, I highly recommend that you use the tool, review all your products, and make changes to the Search Terms based on Amazon's guidelines. Even a small improvement, like removing 2-3 keywords that already appear in your product title, can enhance your product's visibility, ranking, and drive more traffic to your product page.

How to get there:

Brands - Brand Dashboard - Search Terms Optimizer


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