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List Validation using Amazon's Advertising System

The advertising system on Amazon has always played a significant role in launching a new product. It's not just about promoting the product and maximizing the honeymoon period, but also, and perhaps most importantly, seeing how Amazon's algorithm reads your list.

When we create a new list, we rely on competitive research and keywords, directing our list to appear for specific terms that, according to our research, are the strongest for our product.

But what happens if Amazon's algorithm doesn't see things the way we do and tags our product with different terms? It seems that our product will be prioritized under different keywords, no matter how much money we invest in promoting the right keyword.

Therefore, when you launch a product on Amazon, the first campaign you need to run is an automatic campaign with a high to average bid and no negatives at all.


Because in an automatic campaign, Amazon scans your list and provides exposure in advertising based on the keywords it understands to be the most relevant and strong from your list and backend.

After running an automatic campaign for only 7 days, you should pull a Search Terms report and see where Amazon has placed your products and which keywords it has targeted.

Are the keywords correct? Excellent - proceed to create aggressive manual campaigns.

Are the keywords incorrect? Fix your product listing and rerun the list for a few more days.

By the way, even if your product has been running for a few months and your advertising hasn't been very successful so far, I recommend performing this check. It can potentially optimize your activity by ten percent.

Have a nice weekend!


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