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Smart and Precise Targeting of Audiences

Quietly and under the radar, Amazon has launched one of the most important features in its advertising system, which represents a significant and meaningful step towards the real battle in the world of advertising against Facebook and Google.

Precise Advertising to Niche Audiences

Amazon possesses an enormous amount of data on consumer behavior, buying patterns, hobbies, and more. For the first time, it is allowing sellers with a registered brand on Amazon to utilize this valuable information.

If you open a new campaign under "Product Display," you can find an expanded option for targeting specific audience segments, just like in the attached image.

What should you do today to make the most of this new feature?

Allocate an hour in your schedule to work on all types of audiences available there. Be honest and mark the most relevant audiences for your product.

After that, write down a smart and short marketing sentence that is related to exactly those audiences.

Final step - Create multiple new campaigns, each targeting a specific audience with the relevant sentence.

Among the audiences you can find there now:

  • Audience that recently moved.

  • Audience that moved within the last month.

  • Audience that moved within the last 3 months (yes, there is a huge difference in purchasing habits among these three audience groups).

  • Audience about to get married soon.

  • Recently renewed pet owners.

  • Recently purchased a new car.

  • Young parents.

  • Audience looking for deals and special prices.

In short, you've understood the potential - don't miss the opportunity to maximize the new feature.

Good luck!


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