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Where Did the Customer Go?

One of the most interesting reports you can find in Brand Analytics is the "Item Comparison and Alternate Purchase Behavior" report.

In this report, you can discover two critical insights:

  1. The products your customers compared when choosing to buy your product, listed under "Item Comparison."

  2. The products your customers purchased after leaving your product detail page, listed under "Alternate Purchase."

This is the place to identify your true and direct competitors who might be taking your sales. Understand the reasons and make improvements to your product page. Is the competitor's price more attractive? Do they have more reviews? Does their main image look better? Is their product page more informative?

In other words, what are they doing better than you that caused my customer to choose them over you?

Once you grasp this and refine your product page accordingly, you'll likely see a significant improvement in your sales.

And, don't forget to add those competitor products to a high-bid Product Targeting campaign to try and win back the sale.

Have a pleasant weekend!


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