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Check if customers are starting to search for something else.

You've already learned about my love for Brand Analytics, and I extract a lot of insights from there. So, here's an additional tip that I do on a weekly basis.

In the Search Terms tool, enter your main keywords one at a time and review the results that Amazon provides based on customer searches in the past week or month. There, you can discover the most popular searches related to your main keywords and the most frequently sold products for those keywords.

Why is this interesting to us?

  • To target the most frequently sold products in your campaigns because these are the products that receive the majority of the traffic.

  • To learn about new keywords or those that have significantly advanced in the past week and incorporate them into your campaigns.

On the top right, you can schedule a weekly email that will be sent directly to your inbox with the results you've requested.

Now, here's a task for you: identify one term from the top 10 search results and set a goal to appear in one of the top 3 most frequently sold products for that term in next week's report. You can achieve this through an aggressive PPC campaign targeting that specific term in Exact match.

I promise you'll be amazed by the impact just a week later...

Have a wonderful week!


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