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Convert ad spend to flight points

Did you know that you can turn lemons into lemonade in the world of Amazon advertising?

Recently, I discovered that many sellers who spend substantial sums each month are still choosing the Seller Account billing method and not taking advantage of credit card charges for their benefit.

Furthermore, credit card billing provides us with "net 30" terms for expenses, allowing us to manage our cash flows more effectively.

I'll start with the best option - an American Express credit card is the preferred choice for billing on Amazon because the frequent flyer points you receive for each transaction are the most rewarding.

However, only those who have an American ITIN tax identification number can issue this card.

In Israel, we have several credit cards that provide us with frequent flyer points and additional benefits.

The most established of these is the FlyCard from Isracard, which allows you to receive the El Al Matmid frequent flyer point for every expense of 200 shekels.

I worked with this card for years, and with advertising expenses of $10,000 per month and above, I accumulated a substantial number of points every month that I used for ordering restaurant vouchers and hotel nights.

Recently, I was introduced to another card called SkyMax, where every expense of 160 shekels earns you a point.

So, what's the real twist that made me switch?

The points you accumulate on the Max card can be used with various airlines like Easyjet, Ryanair, Swiss, Lufthansa, and many others.

With two and a half busy months full of advertising expenses ahead of us, I highly recommend you take advantage of them to accumulate points, so that in January, you can celebrate your Q4 sales with a luxurious vacation abroad.


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