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Presenting Brand Information to Customers

Here's a valuable tip in a location often overlooked by many sellers, even though it's frequented by many American travelers, and by ignoring it, they miss out on potential customers.

When you enter one of your products and click on the seller's name (Sold By...), you arrive at a page with an explanation about the seller, their policies, and feedback.

Most of the sellers I've checked leave this area empty due to a lack of knowledge or the misconception that customers won't visit this page anyway – which is a mistaken belief.

This is an excellent place to showcase everything you want to convey about your brand and products, your return policy, customer service, and to add your logo. In general, it's a great way to convey to the customer that you're a serious brand with values, not just another generic product.

I highly recommend dedicating 20 seconds to editing this page, adding your logo, and updating each of the tabs relevant to your product.

I would even suggest considering hiring a copywriter to write an introductory text about your brand and everything you want to communicate to the customer.

How to get there?

Settings - Your info & Policies

Good luck!


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