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To measure and refine external traffic accurately

If you ask any digital marketer who advertises on Facebook or Google why they dislike Amazon, they will tell you it's because you can't install pixels or tags to measure results. For years, when flowing external traffic to Amazon, we used specific coupon codes or various tricks to measure advertising results and refine them.

A few months ago, Amazon introduced a new feature for brand owners that allows us to measure the external traffic we send to our product pages. This is an extremely important feature for every Amazon seller, but unfortunately, many sellers either don't use it or don't use it correctly.

You can find the dashboard for this new feature under "Advertising - Measure non-Amazon ads."

How to use it properly:

  1. Create multiple different campaigns on Facebook/Instagram/Google.

  2. For each campaign, create several distinct, narrow audience segments, such as a campaign for men only, a campaign for pregnant women, and so on.

  3. Create 2-3 different ads (videos or visuals) for each target audience.

  4. Generate a tracking link on Amazon for each ad separately.

  5. Link the tracking link to each ad, naming it according to the audience it targets, for example, "Men, 25-35, Video."

  6. Run all the campaigns and ads for at least 10 days.

After 10 days of precise and refined advertising, you can return to the Amazon Attribution dashboard to clearly understand which audience and ad type yielded the best results. This way, you can refine both your advertising and your product page.

Good luck!


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