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Image by CardMapr

Creating Guided Imagination for Customers through Images...

The first thing a customer does after we successfully bring them to our product page, especially through mobile, is to swipe left and right to see the product images.

Here, you surely know that you need to clearly and efficiently convey the advantages and benefits of your product in the sharpest and clearest way possible.

But let's talk for a moment about the true essence of these images...

The primary goal of these images from a marketing and sales perspective is to bring the customer to a state of mind where they imagine 'what will happen in their life after using the product.'

The more we succeed in bringing our customer to a state where they can visualize how they will feel with our product in their hands, the higher our conversion rates will be, and the more visitors will turn into buying customers."

But how do you do it?

The first and most important step is to define our target audience.

The images must depict our target audience in action.

If you are targeting adults, show only adults in all the pictures.

If you are targeting young people, show only young people.

If you are targeting college-aged women, show only college-aged women.

Otherwise, you won't really reach them and make them imagine themselves with your product.

How do you know who the best audience is for my product?

Very simple, just play with the images from time to time, change the target audience in the image (stock photos and a good graphic designer), and measure the data for 7 days. You'll be surprised to find audiences that convert much better than others.

If in your current alternate images, you see both young and old people, at least one of your target audiences is missing out on your product...


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