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B2B Customers

Amazon allows you to set special prices and quantity discounts for business customers. This means that any customer with a defined business account who visits your product page can see different prices and promotions than what a private customer would see.

Since most of my products are primarily intended for the consumer market, I overlooked this option for quite a while. However, when I experimented and set a price for one of my products $0.5 lower than the price for private customers, along with a quantity discount for those who purchase 3 or more products, the sales and exposure for the product increased by about 30%.

The reason, as I later understood, is that business customers in the United States are looking for products with special prices, and they have the option to filter only those. Another important reason is that American customers, in general, and those with an Amazon business account in particular, like to buy in bulk.

To understand the logic behind the last sentence and the thinking of American customers, I recommend you read about the success of the Costco retail chain.

So, even if your product doesn't typically appeal to business customers, I strongly recommend that you set special prices for business customers, even if it's just half a dollar less than your regular price, and offer quantity discounts. Even if you decide to offer a modest 5% discount on the purchase of 3 or more products, it's very reasonable to assume that the American customer will prefer your product over another, just to save it in the closet and give it as a gift on the next holiday.


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