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Taking Control of Bid Management

I've noticed that many sellers aren't aware that Amazon's default bid strategy in their advertising campaigns is "Down Only."

This means that Amazon essentially "watches out for you" and retains the right to lower your bids to reduce your spending.

The Amazon advertising algorithm evaluates the history of each keyword in your campaigns, and based on its past performance, it decides whether to maximize or reduce the bid you've set. Amazon believes that this particular keyword is less beneficial for your campaigns based on its history.

There's a lot to discuss on this matter, but in short, the implication is that your visibility for these keywords will almost always be lower than their actual potential.

The best way to manage campaigns is through the "Fixed Bid" strategy, where you have full control over the bids and can lead Amazon to the desired position and exposure for each keyword.

For one keyword, you might want to appear at the top of the first page all the time, and for another keyword, you might prefer to be at the bottom of the third page as a strategy.

So, it's time to take matters into your own hands and manage your campaigns end-to-end to maximize the true potential of your product's exposure.


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