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Crazy (for good) Amazon's algorithm

One of the things that most effectively influence Amazon's search engine is price changes.

This makes sense; Amazon likes to see its sellers respond quickly to market fluctuations. Just keep an eye on Amazon's own products (Amazon Basics, Eco) for a few days, and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

From there, I conducted a small experiment just about two weeks ago, right before the sales frenzy began. I took one of my products (not the best-selling one) and changed its price daily:




And so on.

The results? Within that week, the product became my top seller, receiving the highest number of entries among my products.

Anything done during this period has a compounded effect due to the high traffic and conversion rates. So, my daily tip to you is not to be afraid to play with prices during this period. Small changes of a few cents here and there can move your product up in search results and get you tens to hundreds of extra exposures during this hot period.

Today's tip goes out on this short Christmas vacation. Now is the time to be fully focused on your account's activity to maximize results.

I'll surprise you with occasional tips here and there and return to the full routine after the holiday.

Wishing you a fantastic sales season, it's time to reap the fruits!

Good luck!


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