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Renovate Your Store for the Holidays

The holiday season is already here, and it's the perfect time to dress your Amazon brand store in holiday attire to communicate to customers that they can find their holiday gifts here and that you've indeed updated your prices to offer the best deals.

The average American customer is used to seeing the best deals of the year during this time. So, if your store doesn't reflect the holiday spirit, they might think you haven't adapted your pricing and may prefer to look for a brand that has made the adjustment.

I recommend updating your store in the following four ways:

  1. Update the Header image of your store: Bring in the holiday spirit, use colors like green, red, and white, add snowflakes, and so on.

  2. Add a "Special Holidays Deals" banner: To emphasize that there are indeed holiday deals available.

  3. Edit the store's video: If you have a video in your store, you can add a short intro of a few seconds with a holiday theme. You can find plenty of examples on Fiverr. If you don't have a video, you can add it to your store regardless.

  4. Add festive atmosphere images with gift packaging if applicable. You can also use Shoppable Images.

One additional tip is that you can schedule store designs according to specific dates. For example, you can add a Black Friday banner only on the relevant day, Cyber Monday, and so on.

Get creative, bring the holiday spirit to your store, and I assure you it will pay off.


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