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Plan for 2022

After the joyful holidays!

Christmas is behind us, and now is the perfect time to plan for 2022.

You already know how 2021 looked and how much you sold of each product. Take these numbers and build your work plan for the coming year based on them.

Open an Excel file or Google Sheet, create columns for the months and rows for your products. In each cell, note the number of units you sold in that month.

Duplicate this table and define solid growth of 20% (the formula is the cell value multiplied by 1.2).

With relative ease, you will have a fairly organized sales plan with the expected number of units you're likely to sell in the coming year for your existing products.

Now you can complete the table with the quantity of new products you want to add, advertising costs, and, of course, shipment order dates (take into account significant lead times and be cautious about costs and shipping times in 2022).

You can also make use of the free course I created a few months ago; the template is already included:

Good luck!


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