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A variety of interesting reports in your pocket.

don't know if you've noticed, but recently, Amazon upgraded its mobile Seller app, and now you can find many interesting and important data that can help us significantly improve our performance.

How is this different from the data we have in the Business Reports on the computer?

In the attached image, you can find example data, such as the conversion rate in the listings, with a general overview of all the sales pages in the account.

The main difference between the data available on the computer and those available in the app is that on the mobile, you can see the difference between the most recent period and the previous period, meaning 7 days back, 30 days back, and so on.

I strongly recommend setting a weekly reminder for yourselves on a specific day - to access the app and explore the data and their changes in the last 7 days. Based on the results, create a plan with actionable tasks to improve the data if necessary.

Control is the most important part of managing and growing any business activity. Once you have full control over your numbers and frequent changes, you can better manage your business and its growth.

Have a great week!


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