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The Top of Search Impressions Share Metric

Many studies analyzing consumer behavior on Amazon have found that approximately 70% of purchases are made from products within the top 10 search results. In general, this is quite logical.

A new metric in campaign management allows us to see, at the campaign level, what percentage of impressions we capture in a funded way in the "Top of Search." In other words, at the top of the search results, among all the products advertising on those keywords.

If we cross-reference this data with the ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales) metric, as shown in the attached image, we can deduce that campaigns in which the exposure level of our product in the top search results is below 5%, and the ACoS is serving our goals, we are missing out on sales.

To make the most of this data, it's advisable to download the full report called the "Impression Share Report," examine the data at the keyword level, and improve where our results are good, but the share percentage of the overall search results is low.

It's recommended to monitor these metrics on a weekly basis and keep a record over time to gain a true understanding of the effectiveness of "Top of Search" on your product's conversion rates and sales. The results vary from product to product and category to category.

Have a nice weekend!

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