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What is the share you're taking from the overall impressions in advertising?

In Amazon's advertising reports, you can find a relatively new report called "Search Terms Impressions Share." This report allows us to see our exposure percentage relative to competitors for a specific keyword we are advertising on and to learn about the potential we have for those keywords and where else we can grow.

How to get the most out of the report:

  • Download the report for the last 30 days.

  • Filter and display only the keywords that generated sales.

  • Identify keywords with the highest CTR.

  • See what percentage you're getting from the overall impressions.

If the keyword performs well based on the parameters above and the share you're getting in advertising is below 10%, it means you have a lot of room to grow with that keyword, and the potential is far from being realized.

Therefore, isolate the keyword in a separate campaign or significantly increase its bid to ensure it gets enough exposure and clicks, and then capitalize on its potential.

Have a pleasant weekend!


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