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What is the difference between indexing and ranking?

One of the central mistakes of Amazon sellers, whether small or large, is the confusion between indexing and ranking. In today's tip, I'll explain the difference in two words and how to achieve each of them.

The meaning of being "indexed" is that specific keywords appear in your product listing, and Amazon's algorithm associates your product with those keywords. It will then appear in search results for those keywords (whether on page 1 or page 400).

The meaning of "ranking" is in what position your listing appears in search results for specific keywords.

So far, simple.

In the past, the more you filled your page with specific keywords, the more Amazon would promote your product in search results, a method known as "Keywords Stuffing." However, for several years now, this is no longer true.

Today, to be "indexed" for specific keywords, the keyword should appear at least once (preferably more than once) in your title, bullet points, product description, or in the "Search Terms" section. Amazon's A9 algorithm is smart enough to extract the term and index your product listing.

But to be "ranked" high for the same keyword, you need to ensure that as many customers as possible are searching for those keywords on Amazon, clicking on your product listing, and making a purchase. This is the most effective action that influences the ranking of a product in search results.

In other words, when you want to promote your product for a particular keyword, make sure that as many customers as possible see your product under that keyword, click on it, and make a purchase. The best (and legal) way to do this is through Amazon Sponsored Products for a specific keyword.

The law of large numbers definitely works here - you'll reach more customers, get many more clicks, and more sales. Yes, it will cost some money, and your ACoS may not smile at you, but the goal will be achieved - your product will rank high for those keywords.

Have a great week!


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