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What to do when your inventory is running out?

Lately, quite a few sellers have approached me with the question: What should I do when my inventory is running out?

Should I raise prices?

Should I reduce advertising?

Should I continue as usual?

Unfortunately, due to the logistical complexity we've been experiencing in recent months and with the Q4 peak approaching, I don't see the situation changing, and many sellers will find themselves in a situation where their inventory is running out.

So here's a tip, "Trim and Keep," based on several experiments I've conducted on this topic with various products and categories but with a clear and consistent outcome.

The most efficient way to quickly return to the original ranking when you're close to running out of stock is to continue at the same pace until the inventory is depleted:

  • Do not lower prices.

  • Do not decrease your advertising budget.

Just keep going at the same pace.

Now, the really important part: as soon as the inventory is depleted, click on the arrow on the right side of the listing in "Manage Inventory" and close the listing.

This effectively "locks" the sales rate until the new inventory arrives. Then, a few days after receiving the new inventory, all you need to do is relaunch with an aggressive PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign, and you return to the exact point where you left off.

Have a wonderful week!


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