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Managing Keywords in Advertising

Lately, I've encountered quite a few sellers struggling to effectively promote their products using keywords on Amazon, in an organized and strategic manner, without fully understanding the reason why.

By the way, the solution is quite simple.

How does Amazon's advertising engine work for keyword promotion?

The answers are sorted by importance and weight:

  1. Relevance of the product listing.

  2. Match type: Broad, Phrase, Exact.

  3. Bids.

Many sellers believe that if they increase bids for a specific keyword they want to rank higher for, their product will appear more prominently and receive more exposure. The truth is that bids are only in third place in terms of importance. If the product listing is not relevant to the keyword, no matter how high your bid is, it won't be very effective.

So, if you're, for example, selling scarves for women and want to appear for the keyword "Gift For Women," first ensure that these keywords are well-placed in your product listing, and only then start advertising with them.

Have a great weekend!


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