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Managing Campaigns by Hours

Every product on Amazon has hours when sales are stronger. Additionally, there are unfortunately many competitors who use bots or manually click on our ads at the beginning of the day in order to deplete our daily sales budget.

These two reasons led me to start working with a method of managing campaigns during the strong hours, and the results have been amazing. The advertising costs have decreased, and the ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales) has decreased accordingly.

This process involves two steps:

Identifying the strong sales hours: You can do this through Business Reports by checking random days (looking at a single day) and analyzing the strong hours. Alternatively, you can work with a tool that can analyze hourly data over a period to obtain more reliable information.

Closing and opening campaigns according to the relevant hours: You can do this manually or with an automated tool.

It's very important not to close and reopen the campaign but to close the Ad groups. A campaign that is closed and reopened takes much more time to return to its performance.

Personally, I started using a tool called Scale Insights, which performs these actions automatically. You can watch the video by Tomer David, where he explains the tool, for more information:

Good luck!


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