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Promotions on the Sales Page

One of the effective tools we used to promote products on Amazon in the past is the use of promotions. Due to the proliferation of coupons and promotions on Amazon, this tool has somewhat taken a back seat, and relatively new sellers hardly use it, which is a shame.

In essence, this is an option that allows you to offer a discount to customers who choose to purchase 2 or more of your products, whether it's the same product or from a variety of products in your store, in case you have complementary or parallel products.

The idea is to encourage customers to buy 2 or more products, thus increasing the basket size and sales turnover. When a customer purchases two of your products, the FBA Pick & Pack cost is reduced because only one package is sent. Therefore, in most cases, the discount you offer to the customer doesn't really come out of your pocket.

Recently, Amazon has placed promotions in a prominent position in some categories, right below the price, and in other categories, it can be found under the product description. However, the customer receives a notification about the promotion during checkout.

How do you do it correctly?

Advertising - Promotions - Create a Promotion.

There, you can choose your preferred option, with the Percentage Off being the most preferred, of course.

Set up the coupon, define a distant end date, and choose the "None" option in the coupon code section. This is the option that Amazon promotes the most effectively.

I've created several quantity-based options, and it works wonderfully, for example:

Buy 2, get a 5% discount.

Buy 3, get a 7% discount.

Buy 4, get a 10% discount.

To promote the promotion even further, you can add an image on the sales page that explains the quantity discount.

Good luck!


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