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Advertising videos within your competitors' product pages

Some of you may have noticed that in most products, you can find video advertisements within the product pages. In some categories, these videos appear at the bottom of the page, but in most categories, they appear right below the first row of featured products on the sales page.

Here's how to manage this type of advertising effectively:

Just like regular product-targeting ads, it's essential to manage this type of advertising intelligently and balanced to maximize exposure.

My strong recommendation is to create two product-targeting video campaigns:

  • Campaign targeting strong competitors: These are competitors who receive significant traffic on their sales pages, have a high Best Seller Rank, and relatively low conversion rates compared to us.

  • Campaign targeting weaker competitors: These are competitors with fewer reviews than us, higher prices, lower rankings, or lower-quality sales pages.

In any case, it's another excellent advertising tool by Amazon that allows you to showcase your product and brand to a larger audience of potential customers.

Good luck!

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