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Organic Promotion through PPC Campaign

I'm sure most of you have heard about Amazon's recent frenzy with Prime Day and similar events, like every year before the holiday season. Amazon tends to clean up their marketplace and create an external perception that they have complete control, and everything happening in their marketplace is pure and free from manipulation.

In the end, it helps the innocent American customer make a decision whether to purchase on Amazon or elsewhere for holiday gifts, and, more importantly, it strengthens and raises the stock price.

So, how can you promote your products in search results during the holiday season?

Here's a tip that I've applied to several of my different products, and it has worked wonderfully.

Three things influence Amazon's search engine in promoting our products in search results:

  1. Relevance

  2. Sales Velocity

  3. Conversion Rates

Identify a keyword you want to rank for in search results. You can go for a strong and competitive keyword or a long-tail keyword; the costs will vary accordingly.

  • Set up a new campaign with only that keyword in the "Exact" match type.

  • Bid aggressively relative to the recommendation.

  • Set a 50% "Top of Search Placement" bid modifier.

  • Set a budget according to the competition in the keyword, with a minimum of $50 per day.

What will happen now?

Your product will appear at the top of search results for that keyword with high frequency. The more people click on it and purchase it, Amazon's search engine will understand that your product is highly relevant for that specific keyword, and it will promote your product organically in search results.

For optimal results, run the campaign for at least 10 days.

Good luck!

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