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Automatic Low-Bid Campaign

One of the classic methods that always works excellently for me in any niche and competition is the automatic campaign with a low bid.

Lately, Amazon has significantly improved the optimization and algorithm of the advertising engine, making this campaign much more profitable for me.

The method:

  • Set up an automatic campaign for your product.

  • Set a low bid, up to $0.30.

  • No negatives at all.

  • A budget of $1,000 per day.

The logic behind this method is that when Amazon sees a campaign with a high budget, they will do everything to get as many impressions and clicks as possible, leading to sales. This way, you gain exposure for many long-tail keywords and low-competition products at low costs.

It's crucial to set a genuinely high budget; otherwise, the campaign won't perform optimally.

In practice, this campaign won't actually spend $1,000 a day, but at best $10-15. However, its ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales) will always be very low.

If you find a keyword or competing product with good performance, take it to a manual campaign and add it as a negative in this campaign.

Good luck!


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