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Campaign: Fox's Head

If you've been using Amazon's advertising system for a while, you probably know that a highly targeted campaign against your competitors is one of the most successful campaigns.

In this campaign, you essentially appear on the product pages of your competitors and "steal" sales from them.

Let me show you how to make this campaign more profitable and effective.

Without investigating your current competitors' campaign, I can guess that most of the exposure, clicks, and sales are going to the top 5 products you're targeting, and it's reasonable to assume that these are strong products with high traffic.

You know what? This campaign may not be doing too bad; it may yield decent sales at a low ACoS.

Now, here's what you should do:

Start a new ASIN campaign and only include ASINs that you can be sure to beat by 95%.

Not your direct competitors or those dominating search results, but rather lower-tier competitors compared to you.

In other words:

  • Products with fewer reviews than yours.

  • Products with lower ratings than yours.

  • Products with significantly higher prices.

  • Products with significantly lower sales pages than yours.

Dig into pages 3 and above, and you'll find dozens of such products, some in the launch stage (actively driving traffic to their sales page - traffic you can easily capture), and some more established but simply not as good as yours.

Every two days, add another 5 products.

(Or instruct your VA to set criteria to find such products and add them to the campaign).

Good luck!


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