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Creative, Creative, Creative

In the world of advertising on Amazon, understanding and analyzing data, algorithm work, proper management, and planning, among other technical tasks, play a significant role. However, many sellers invest time and resources in the technical aspects of ongoing management while neglecting the creative side of advertising and fail to appreciate the impact a small change can make on their campaigns and results.

Let me share a real-life story from one of my brands.

In the Amazon brand advertising system, you can add a slogan to your ads.

For a considerable period, I ran with a fairly consistent slogan written for me by an American copywriter, and the results were good. I preferred not to touch it, as they say, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

During my weekly ritual, where I go through the reviews received for my products, a term I wasn't familiar with suddenly popped up in two different reviews: "Be the cat’s whiskers."

I did some research online and learned that it's a phrase mainly used by older Americans (Baby Boomers) to describe something nice, attractive, impressive, and of high quality.

I decided to change the creative for 10 ad campaigns to see how it would impact results.

The results?

The campaign generated twice as many clicks and 1.5 times more sales, and it remains the lead campaign with my key slogan to this day.

In conclusion, don't take the creative aspect for granted. Advertising on Amazon works like any other advertising channel – television, digital, radio – and there, creative is king.


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