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Brand Distribution List

One of the first tips you'll hear from any Amazon guru is to maintain a brand distribution list.

Why is it important?

So that we can maintain a customer relationship system outside of Amazon for strengthening the brand, increasing sales during slow days, or launching new products.

How to do it right?

As you know, I love to conduct many experiments, so after trying many methods and approaches with customers in various niches, I found that there is one method that surpasses them all.

The customer will leave their details only if they expect real value.

The definition of "value" has different meanings, especially considering how Israelis usually think...

In other words, a 50% discount for the next purchase is excellent value for an Israeli customer, but it's not very appealing to an American customer (unless it's a consumable product).

The most effective way to make an American customer leave their email is to give them confidence, or in other words - product warranty.

Warranty for an American customer is a top value.

Americans are used to leaving their details on websites in exchange for a warranty, so if your product indeed requires a certain warranty (even if it's a baby towel, you can offer a one-year warranty for wear, stains, etc.), I strongly recommend offering in the insert to be shared with the product something like:

"To get a one-year warranty for the product, click the following link and enter your email and Amazon order number."

From my experience, this results in a conversion rate of approximately 35%.

And voilà, you have an excellent distribution list to do with it as you please...

Have a wonderful week!"


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