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Questions and Answers

One of the important areas on your sales page that many sellers often don't appreciate enough is the questions and answers section.

In fact, this is real estate within your sales page where you can enter information about the product, and most importantly, a lot of keywords for Amazon's algorithm.

First Stage

Write 10-20 questions and answers about your product, and try to include as many keywords as possible.

Writing tip: This is the place to include popular spelling mistakes related to your product, for example, "nife" instead of "knife."


Because you want to be ranked and indexed in these keywords as well.

Second Stage

Ask friends, family, or colleagues (preferably from the United States, but not mandatory) to visit your sales page and post a question. No more than 3-4 questions per day.

Third Stage

As soon as the question is posted on the page, you will receive an email from Amazon asking you to respond.

If your product is brand new, there is a high chance that you won't receive the question because Amazon primarily sends the message to customers, and only if there's no response, it is passed to the seller.

In such a case, visit your sales page after about two days, identify the questions and answers from your real customers, and add your response.

Good luck!"


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