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Using the fear technique

One of the most popular marketing techniques is using fear to urge customers to purchase our product.

Insurance companies often employ this technique, as shown in the attached image, for example, which presents a potential customer with an issue they never even thought about. You see, if everything is fine and my family is healthy, I don't think about health insurance at all. But the opposite is true – it's precisely the time to get insurance because when a problem arises, you might not be able to get insurance, and even if you can, it will be much more expensive.

How do we implement this technique on Amazon?

I'm sure you have seen many features in products offered by competitors in negative reviews and improved upon them in your own product. The third or fourth image on your product page is the perfect place to emphasize this and make a comparison.

Empower your advantage over competitors and prevent a situation where the customer leaves your product page for a cheaper option from a competitor. However, there's a big "but."

Many sellers, especially Chinese ones, do this in a simple and incorrect way. Uploading an image with a checklist and marking "V" for your advantages and "X" for the competitors is not the right approach.

Use creative thinking to empower your advantage in a clear and concise text (up to 6 words) that will be imprinted in the customer's mind even if they leave your page – it will stay with them and they will come back to search for your product to complete the purchase.

I'll leave the creativity to you, and if you're not a creative person, simply take a stroll on Google and look for slogans related to your product or category to get inspiration.

I'll conclude with a wonderful example from the Israeli insurance market, which belongs to the leading and largest insurance brand in Israel, where the slogan likely plays a significant role.

Maybe you have health insurance - but you don't have Harel…


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