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Pack 2 for me please

Another feature that registered brand owners on Amazon often underutilize is the Virtual Bundles.

If you have 2 or more products from the same brand, Amazon essentially allows you to combine them and create additional product listings through a virtual bundle without the need for external storage, new labeling, and so on.

Once a customer purchases a specific bundle, Amazon will package both products and send them together to the customer.

What do most sellers do?

Let's say you have only 2 products in the same niche and under the same brand. It's reasonable to assume that you'll create a bundle with both of them, and voila, you have a third product.

What does a smart seller do?

They create at least 6 different bundles from those same two products.

Product X + Product Y = Bundle 1

Two Product X + Product Y = Bundle 2

Product X + Two Product Y = Bundle 3

And so on...

And there you go - you've expanded your product portfolio by at least 300%.

Please note the attached screenshot where you can see a seller who sells only 3 products but has created no less than 12 different bundles using this feature, each of which sells quite well and generates income.

Good luck!"


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