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The Small and Light Plan

If I told you that you could sell a product on Amazon for $6.99 and make a 40% net profit, would you believe me?

Introducing Amazon's FBA Small & Light program.

With this program, you can send products to one of Amazon's participating central warehouses, and from there, Amazon will ship your products to the end customer.

This means that the product won't reach the customer in 1-2 days but within 3-5 days.

However, the FBA cost will be very low, approximately $2.16 per order!

And in the UK, the cost is even more attractive - £0.60 per order!

Plus, in this product category, advertising costs are very low compared to other categories.

Quick calculation:

  • Product cost including shipping to Amazon - $1

  • Selling price - $6.99

  • Amazon fee - $1.04

  • FBA packaging and shipping fee - $2.16

  • Net profit - $2.79

Entry requirements for the program:

  • Product size - maximum - 18 * 14 * 8 inches

  • Product weight - maximum - 12 ounces

  • Product price - maximum - $7

Don't expect to get rich through the program, but nonetheless, I've sold two types of products through the program, and with very minimal investment, the activity generated a net profit of $800 per month.


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