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Proper planning is the foundation for success.

One of the most important aspects of running a company is annual planning and monitoring the numbers. For some reason, as Amazon sellers, we don't invest too much time in planning but mainly go with the flow, improve, and streamline.

Creating an organized annual work plan with accurate and realistic numbers for income and expenses serves as our lighthouse and illuminates the path that sometimes seems very dark in Amazon.

But how do you do it correctly?

Because the working model at Amazon is quite different from traditional company management or existing startups, I haven't found a template that can be used to reflect my way properly.

Therefore, I created a template, and I've been using it for several good years.

While it's true that the weekly planning is done towards the end of the year for the upcoming year, if you haven't done it yet or want to fine-tune it, I'm attaching a video I made on the subject. Below the video, you'll find the template I built and use, and I'm sure it can help you manage your activities in a more proper and healthy way.

Everything is here:

Have a great weekend!


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