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Image by CardMapr

Atmosphere Images in Display Advertising

Continuing from the previous post about upgraded Display advertising, here's another exciting feature.

Amazon has added the option to incorporate an atmosphere image in place of the primary image with the white background in Display advertising.

By choosing the right image, you can draw high attention to your product in this way and attract a much larger audience to your product page.

However, please note that Display advertising can be very budget-intensive. Don't rely on Amazon's broad targeting (Similar to advertised product) because it can easily cost you tens or hundreds of dollars in just a few hours.

The most correct way to work with this type of advertising is to tightly target the products you want to appear on, products you know for sure can attract customers to your listing and convert to sales.

After the happy holidays, it's time to roll up your sleeves and start preparing properly for achieving your Q4 goals, which officially begins tomorrow.


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