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Image by CardMapr

Images on the Sales Page

It's clear to all of us that images are the most crucial part of the sales page, in most cases, even more so than the product itself. Most customers hardly read the product description and the prominent points you've invested in. This is primarily for Amazon's algorithm, and most of the product information will be conveyed through the images.

Now that we've set the stage for this, pay attention to the image format on your computer and on mobile.

On the computer, the image is square, while on mobile, it's rectangular. So, check your images on the mobile app and you'll see that the square images don't look good. As more and more customers are shifting to mobile purchases, it's a good idea to tailor the images to be more mobile-friendly to increase conversion rates.

After quite a few experiments and trials, I've arrived at the perfect image size where the images look good on both mobile and the computer, and most importantly, they convert at the highest rate.

The desired image proportions are:

Width: 1600

Height: 1300

Find a graphic designer on Fiverr who can adjust the images to this size, try the images for 7-10 days, measure the results, and see if there's a change in sales.

Good luck!"


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