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Product Pricing - What will be the last digit...?

Last week, I shared a tip about finding the right pricing, and I remembered a very interesting tactic that helped me significantly increase sales for some of the products.

As we discussed, American customers, and in general, all customers worldwide, follow patterns - many books have been written on this topic.

So, when we see two similar products, one priced at $20.00, and the other at $19.99, with a probability of about 85%, we will choose to buy the $19.99 product.

What is the strange pricing strategy?

If you are selling a product in a competitive market and have no intention of branding it as a luxury product with high prices, I strongly recommend trying the strange pricing strategy that Walmart has adopted.

In this method, you price your product with a non-standard ending, for example, $17.65 or $23.42.

Did you understand the concept?

Many studies show that this method makes the customer feel like they've found a significant discount, a one-time deal that won't come back, so there is a fairly high chance they will choose your product over the competitors'.

Try it for 7 days, measure the results, and see if it actually affects your niche.

Good luck!


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